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Commvault Simpana

Singular Information Management

Simpana software's Singular Information Management approach refers to the use of one efficient, scalable data management product to perform a complete range of data management functions. Simpana
software uses an expandable range of application modules, sharing a single set of back-end services, to deliver leading-edge functionality that truly unifies and simplifies enterprise data management and
maximizes cost effectiveness.
Data Protection
* Provides reliable, efficient backup and recovery for file systems, applications and database systems.
* Reduces the burden on administrative teams by automating tasks using policies, unifying the backup and
  restore process for all types of data, and by building in point-and-click reporting.
* Reduces the need for additional storage devices and reduces tape costs.
* Archives data from file systems, NAS, Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Domino messaging systems, and
  Microsoft SharePoint systems to secondary storage which can span disk and tape.
* Controls data growth, decreases storage spending, and enables electronic discovery and compliance.
* Scales to millions of files and messages.
* Protects critical applications and remote office data with snapshots and real-time replication.
* Manages hardware-based snapshots seamlessly as part of the data management process.
* Improves disaster recovery options by replicating data over networks as it is created.
* Search Web Interface provides users with intuitive, direct access to desktop data and capabilities
  to perform easy, self-serve recovery of backup and archive data copies.
* 'Super' search to find any data in the CommCell deployment with a single search process, across
  sites and systems.
Resource Management
* Provides historical and trend analysis reporting across all data, primary and secondary, worldwide.
* Enables accurate cost-accounting and monitoring across divisions, geographies, and applications.
* Automates delivery of comprehensive CxO-ready performance summaries.

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